Changes in police basic education in Iceland

On the 31st of May 2016 Parliament passed changes to Icelandic law regarding basic education. From now on the basic education will be a two-year diploma study, 120 ECTS, in Police Science at University level. This change is the result of the work of two working groups that recommended to the Minister of Interior to change the education to be more similar to the education offered in the other Nordic countries. Moving the basic education from the police into the general education system is a complex move and thus Parliament decided to form a Centre for Police Training and Professional Development at the National Police Commissioner of Iceland. The main role of the Centre is 1) to carry out practical training and oversee placements of police students, 2) to oversee continuing education of police officers within the police, 3) organise and supply specialised courses, 4) to advise the authorities on matters concerning police education, and 5) handle international relations at the level of police education.


The Minister of Education decided that the University of Akureyri, in the North of the country, should host the new diploma study in Police Science. The first cohort was accepted into the study in September 2016 and since then the Centre for Police Training and Professional Development and the University of Akureyri have been working closely on the integration of academic and practical training. The content/framework of the study is decided by the University of Akureyri but in collaboration with the Centre for Police Training and Professional Development. The plan is to have 40 full time students in cohort (total of 80 students at each time), but in the first cohort 48 students were accepted into practical training an the first students from the new programme graduated in June 2018.

Further information can be given by Ólafur Örn Bragason, Director of the Centre for Police Training and Professional Development, via e-mail:

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